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Tubular Skylight Accessories

A Natural and Affordable Way to Light Up Your Home

Diffuser Styles

Tubular Skylight Flashing Options

Made for the type and material of your roof.

If you have a shingle roof, choose asphalt flashing. If you have a tile roof, choose formable flashing. If you have a flat roof, choose seamless aluminum flashing.




Standard Prismatic Diffuser

Included with standard kit

EZ10FD (10″) or EZ14FD (14″)

Contoured Prismatic Diffuser

EZ10CD (10″) or EZ14CD (14″)

Contoured White Diffuser

EZ10WD (10″) or EZ14WD (14″)


Composite/asphalt flashing

Formable flashing

Aluminum flashing

Solar Powered Dimmer with Remote Control

Controls the amount of natural light


If your Tubular Skylight will be installed in areas where controlling light and glare are important, select the Solar Powered Dimmer. It lets you use the power of the sun to control the amount of natural light coming into your home. Select the light level you want in the room, from closed to open and anywhere in between. Eliminate glare on televisions and display screens; darken the room for a daytime nap or nighttime sleep. Perfect for a home office, media room, and bedroom.

An on/off nightlight feature lets you maintain a low light level in the room. Two long-lasting LED nightlights are included.

You can order a 10″ Tubular Skylight with an additional Solar Powered Dimmer kit, or you can retrofit the solar panel into your existing 10″ Natural Light.  Covered by a unlimited lifetime warranty.

Extension Tubes



Solar Powered Dimmer

Accommodates a length longer than 48″ from roof to ceiling.

If the length from your roof to ceiling is longer than the 48″ tubing that comes with our standard Tubular Skylight kit, you can buy additional lengths of tubing. Extension tubes are made of the same reflective materials as the standard ones, so you won’t be losing performance or light if your home requires a run of four feet or more. Extension tubes come in 20” and 48” lengths.

Extension tubes—20″ and 48″ lengths

Electric Light Kit

Expands the features of your Tubular Skylight to include a traditional on/off light.

If you live in a region where days are short in the winter, or if you use a room frequently at night, you can turn your Tubular Skylight into an electric light and still bring in the natural light during the brighter days.


Electric Light Kit


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